Bliss Box Australia

Featured Business: BLISS BOX AUSTRALIA 🎁

Emily creates beautiful gift boxes with eco friendly, locally sourced items that make gift giving a breeze. The product range caters for not only women but men and there’s even a unisex option. 👫

All the products are just so lovingly picked and you can see that in their beauty. Gift giving should be special and thoughtful but in today’s busy lifestyle sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to get out there and find great gift ideas…. Enter Emily and her specialty boxes!  I wanted to know what inspired Emily to start a gift giving business and here’s what she had to say: 

E: I have always loved giving gifts, but hated the stress of choosing the perfect gift for someone at the right price! I like gifts that are thoughtful and personable – not just a gift card. I started Bliss Box after 18 months of thinking about the idea and contemplating whether or not I could do it. I decided I could do anything I put my mind to, and gave myself 6 weeks to plan and launch Bliss Box!

K: 6 weeks to start a business!! How did you manage it? Did you get outside help? 

E: Yep – 6 weeks! I did it all myself, from the business plan and logo, to the purchasing, photos and website. I wanted to have enough time to get our name out before Christmas time. I underestimated how difficult the website would be, but I’m proud of how it turned out. I’m always making edits and improvements, but Im really happy with the end result. 🙌🏼

K: what has been the biggest challenge so far? 

E: The biggest challenges so far (I’m sure there are many more to come), have been choosing the right products that fit the Bliss Box brand (ethical, natural and sustainable) and items that are also desirable gifts for everyone. Also, money is always a challenge for small, start-up businesses! 

K: How do you select the items that you have in your boxes? 

E: The products are carefully curated by me to fit our brand and our vision.

We use products from local makers, and all products are sourced from small businesses. There are also no chemicals or nasties in any of the products we use!

K: Will we see any other themed gift boxes hit the website? 

Yes! We have a baby box coming and another new secret box that will be released next week that we have been working on with a local business. There will be plenty more as we grow. 

K: what famous person would you love to send a box to and why?

E: Hmm which famous person would I send a Bliss Box too….  That is a great question! I would love to send one if my gift boxes to Janine Allis. Janine is a huge role-model of mine, and I would be very chuffed for her to view a Bliss Box 💛

K: What’s do you love most about Newcastle? 

E: I love everything about Newcastle! From the beaches, to the lake, to the amazing shops and the lovely people. Newcastle is a perfect balance of hustle and bustle and calm and cruisy.

To send a gift box jump on over to @blissboxaustralia or check out the current gift boxes on offer at

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