Sam Payne

I came across Sam when he was offering to help small business’ with FREE commissions to help during the COVID-19 situation. I wanted to share Sam’s story and give something back to him. So let me introduce Sam. He’s a twenty-two year old who moved from the big smoke in Sydney to Newcastle five years ago. Although only a fresh local, he has a beautiful creative eye and a heart to match. I spoke to Sam about his creative streak and here is what he had to say…. 

K: Hey Sam you do some great art but I notice you like to work mostly in the digital space but do you take to pen and paper much outside of this? 

S: I do but not nearly as much as I would like to! I enjoy scribbling in my uni notes and taking a moment to quickly sketch an object or person throughout the day if I can. I’ve worked on some larger acrylic paintings but find that the time/resource and cost factor of these paintings can make them a challenge to do just for fun.  

K: What made you transition from one media to the other? 

S: I have found that the digital medium is so broad and expressive, yet it is also relatively affordable, isn’t messy or toxic (such as some oil paints and thinners can be), is mostly portable (I can do my art while waiting for a class to start or while having lunch) and overall is a pretty flexible medium for what I am to achieve. This means that I can maximise my time and investment into pieces but most importantly I can create the sorts of art I really wish to create, when I wish to create them! 

K: Do you think that given the way the world is moving with everything going digital, that lots of artists will be creating on a digital platform or will there always be a place for media on paper etc? 

S: I think both are true! If you want to look at a company like Disney for instance, they want their animators to understand the digital platform and also understand 3D modelling software because that is how they make movies these days. One of the incredible benefits of this is that, during times like these creators can be on the other side of the world to Disney HQ and be creating for them remotely. What a wonderful thing! The digital medium is making things more cost effective, time efficient, independent and expressive! So I believe that will continue to be a huge part of the art world. 

However, this doesn’t mean that traditional mediums are going anywhere either. People still love a canvas and most are still willing to pay for it. Any time you work on one medium you can expect to see a new dimension of growth in another! There’s a link between creative mediums and I think that is only going to continue to push what we can do on the canvas or sketchbook as much as on the screen. There’s a real beauty and rawness, an individuality about something that has been created with human hands on a surface and it’s something that can be missing in digital art. 

K: Who do you look to for inspiration and what inspires your art?  

S: My faith inspires who I am and that inspires my art for sure! I’m also inspired by the drive to create something and the incredible people that make it happen. For instance, I had never intended to start this instagram or sell my art. I was fairly insecure about my art and would only do it only as a method of self expression. One afternoon I was sitting and painting on my iPad while my girlfriend was getting a haircut and @edenshaihair saw and asked if I’d be interested in doing some work for her and her now husband @thethirstychippy. Creatively I was very interested but mentally I was a little hesitant. Eventually, after some loving nudges from my girlfriend who is absolutely the biggest cheerleader of my creative self, I agreed and this lead to me beginning my page and pursing helping others with my art. 

I think helping people or giving something of value, is what truly inspires my art. I don’t NEED to sell art to survive so I’m able to do things which help people out and also generate some income and I’m very thankful or that. 

K: Are you surrounded by creative people? Where did your passion for creating come from? 

S: I’m not entirely sure! I come from a very creative home, a lot of my family have some formal training in the art or creative space. However, I’m the only one who plays music as well and enjoys the sort of art that I do (I’m a bit of an odd sock). I’m not sure how to explain it other than there’s something inside of me that needs to get out into the world through a medium of some sort. It’s an odd sort of motivation that whispers to me that there’s something that can be added to the world or my environment. There’s something so humbling about leaving something in earth (especially in the digital medium) after my life on earth has ended. I will have tangibly contributed something to the earth that hopefully makes a bit of difference and inspires someone.  

K: I know this is just a side hustle for you, even with all your talent but what has been the hardest thing for you getting your name out there? 

S: I think just starting from the bottom. As I said, I didn’t aim to have an Instagram account to promote my art and in a lot of ways I really dislike promoting myself. I have to be constantly reminded that the only way I can make a difference for others and their businesses is by being active on social media and using hashtags and connecting with wonderful people like yourself! 

K: Now to the hardest question of the day! Whats your Favorite book/movie/food?

S: Can I have nachos while watching Star Wars?! 

K: Best thing about Newcastle? 

S: It’s cliche but the people. You just look at what is happening right now in the hunter and you see these people banding together to help out local businesses and just bless each other. What a wonderful thing to see!

To check out Sams work head to his Instagram page @Samsscribble

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