Nurture with words

Meet Jasey, a Newcastle author that has taken great parenting to the next level, publishing some very cool children’s books, that are written and illustrated so that children around the world can benefit from high self esteem at an early age through written word.  

K: Your business is so inspiring for children and parents alike, where did the idea come from? 
J: I am passionate about raising my son from a solid foundation of high self esteem and positive parenting. My thoughts on how to create a well balanced, happy and kind offspring led me to start making up short stories at bedtime, and little sayings that my (then) preschooler could remember, reiterate and hopefully, rely upon for challenging times in later years. One day he responded to something that happened with an analogy from a story I had told him, so I realised in that moment, how powerful the messages are in our children’s books and that I needed to put pen to paper with them! 

K: Is there a big community of writers out there in Newcastle?
J: I know of a few and I’m still tapping into the network of local authors and want to support them through a new retail venture I’m looking into. 

K: Did you always dream of having a publishing company or was that something that just came in time with the books you have written?
J: Definitely not something I had considered and the unknown dream was born when I decided to self publish my books. 

K: who inspires your characters? 
J: My son and our pet pooch who goes everywhere with us. The characters are basically cartoon versions of us all.  My son is my inspiration for everything I do!

K: Whats the message behind the books? J: I truly believe that it only takes one persons influence and voice in a child’s mind to forever play over and help shape their beliefs about themselves, and ultimately shape their life.  I hope my books will help to provide that voice, despite other contrary messages they may hear along the way. 

K: What did you do before books? 
J: My younger years I was in hospitality and then I took the leap into small business with my photography, which I still own and run. (Photos with Sandy Claus).

K: Fun fact about you? 
J: I love kindness.  I practice random acts reguarly.  Whether it’s anonymously putting one of my books on someone’s door step, buying the person who is next in line their coffee or simply going out of my way to  pick up some rubbish.  I’m always on the look out for opportunities to be kind and to teach my son how good it feels, to be kind. 

K: Your favourite place to be in Newcastle? 
J: The beach! Any and all of them along our coast… I like to take a dip daily, regardless of the weather to cleanse my soul! I am grateful each day for where I live.  

K: Being an author, what is your favourite book? J: Chicken Soup for the Soul. There’s  actually a whole collection of them and they are filled with feel good true stories of kindness and inspiaration. I’m currently reading one at the moment.

You can find Jaseys books “Where are you most beautiful” and “Believe in Yourself!” online at or you can be picked up in person from Merry Go Round Store @ 63 Railway St Merewether Follow us on insta @nurturewithwords or Like them on Facebook

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