Flash back health

Thirteen years ago, Chris and Abigail immigrated to Australia with two small children, four suitcases and a camp cot. Together they have built themselves up to what they are today. The path to success is not a straight line, many of the puddles along the way are made from your own tears. Abigail gets that. She understands what hard work it takes to achieve your dreams, and what toll this can take on your body.

Having built herself up from grass roots, Abigail is passionate about helping other people reach their full potential.

K: Tell me more about what a medical herbalist is and what do you do?

A: As a Medical Herbalist I am trained to think holistically about how the body works, I consider all life events and past familial and medical history when creating a treatment plan tailored to the individual. Herbal Medicine has been used as long as plants and animals have been on the earth. In Western Herbal Medicine, we consider the traditional usage of herbal medicine in all cultures, study the constituents and clinical trials associated with these plants, and borrow the herbs that are clinically proven to help. 

K: What is the ethos behind your business?

A: My passion is to help individuals reach their full potential. Sometimes essential prescribed medication causes side effects that reduce an individual’s quality of life. Sometimes an individual’s mindset reduces their quality of life. I apply Herbal Medicine and Counselling skills to help the individual live their best life. 

K: What advice would you give to people who want to try out a natural therapy?

A: Ensure the practitioner you go to a fully registered practitioner. There are people out there who claim to be natural therapists, but are practising with very little training. As a fully qualified, registered practitioner we have to ensure that our skills are current, and clinically proven to work. Without this guarantee how are we sure that the practitioner is doing the best for their clients?

K: What is the most common problem people come to you with?

A: Long term stressors have a multifaceted impact on health. The problems I see are so diverse, but most often it boils down to how much responsibility the individual is carrying, and what impact this has on their quality of life.

K: What is your best time management tip?

A: Knowing that time management is my choice is empowering, scheduling using an old school diary with times, is my best tool, because in this way I prioritise where I invest my time. I feel no guilt when I spent my time on a task, because I know it is my choice to value a task enough to give it my time. I plan out my days to ensure that I am able to give each item in my diary my undivided attention so that each person I deal with knows they are important to me.

K: What’s your hero product?

A: Herbal teas. Herbal teas I formulate for everything, from stress to an ingrown toenail in my family. Herbal teas are so often a gift I give out to people, because putting them together means I heard the person, and want to nurture their needs.
They are gentle and effective. I love that they are so affordable as well. 

K: What is your Favourite herb and why?

Ha! Thats like asking someone to choose their favourite child!

I think the most versatile herb that I love is Turmeric (Curcuma longa). It is clinically relevant for, liver toxicity, inflammation and depression. I use this herb for anything from bronchitis to back pain, with great results.

K: Fun fact about your business?

A: I home school my four children aged 17 down to 8 while running my business, so FlashBack Health is not only a Herbal medicine business but a very exclusive private school as well!

K: Favourite place to go in Newcastle?

Redhead Beach. 

K: Favourite book?

Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Such a beautiful way that she depicts life from the viewpoint of many different people, I loved reading it to my kids, we all learned a bit more about true beauty.

Abigail offers Medical Herbalist consulting services, that are fully anchored in evidence-based Medicine as well as Life Style coaching. With an online store soon to be launched for those who are short on time, but would love to use natural medicine.

You can find Flash Back Health at Thrive Wellness Hub in Wickham. Call Abigail directly on 0439186290 or go to the website www.flashbackhealth.life for bookings and more information. 

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