Your food collective

There are plenty of reasons why supporting your local farmers has huge positive impacts on the community, but many of us don’t know where to start. Your Food Collective has that sorted, offering locally sourced produce direct to your door. It’s not a cheesy sales pitch, its just some good, honest people doing their part to support the community and at the same time doing their part to ensure a sustainable future.

A family run business, two cousins Lauren and Cara have set out to feed Newcastle, with their amazing supply of locally sourced farm direct produce. I spoke with Lauren about their desire to create a sustainable food supply.

K: What was the motivation behind starting Your Food Collective? 

L: We started Your Food Collective because we were continually disappointed by the food dished up in supermarkets across the country and were struggling to get access to fresh local produce, it certainly isn’t on the supermarket shelves.  But behind all of that there was also a deep desire to be part of the solution to the problems we are facing in our food supply chain. The way we currently feed our nation is 100% not sustainable! It tastes like rubbish, is stealing the livelihoods of local growers and robbing our children’s future when we look at the environmental impact. Something has to change and YFC is creating that change.

K: What makes your hampers stand out from the rest? 

L: You’ll taste the difference when you support local producers through YFC. We work with local producers and when we say that we actually mean local. Most of our producers come from 200km of your front door. That’s pretty amazing! Their produce is small batch and hand made with love, they also get paid fairly for the food they make. So not only do our hampers taste amazing but they truly are helping support our local farmers. 

K: How do you help the community by sourcing from local farmers? and how can we all help our local farmers ongoing?

L: We work directly with local growers and they get up to four times the amount you would get by selling through the major supermarkets. Talking to all our local growers about the drought and what we can do to help, the answer is always to encourage more people to buy local every day of the week. If we can do that we will create a long term solution to our changing climate crisis rather than just a short term fix like buying a bale of hay. 

K: What has been the biggest challenge in business? 

L: Helping to educate people about what’s in season and when. Supermarkets have really done a number on people when it comes to expecting everything all the time, even if it has to fly halfway across the globe. We’re so lucky here in Newcastle, there is so much beautiful produce on our door step, we shouldn’t need to eat anything else.   

K: What do you love about Newcastle? 

The community, Novicastrians truly are amazing.

To find out more about Your Food Collective head over to their website at or check out their socials @yourfoodcollective support your local business and your local farmers – we are all in this together Newcastle!

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