the wild now

Fun, passionate, creative and wild. Jasmine is a serial creative entrepreneur in love with helping women find clarity and confidence in their brands. She’s a design expert with a passion for helping business grow their brand and it exudes out of her, along with a contagious happy personality and warm welcoming approach to getting to know what makes your business the best.

K: What is your background? Why did you choose to go out on your own?

Straight out of uni I started working dead-end design jobs that drained my creative soul, all the while dreaming about the freedom of working from home and building my own empire.

10 years later, and after a series of unfortunate events (that turned into the best thing ever) I’m finally living my dream life. I’m not going to lie – it isn’t easy and you better believe I work my glutes off, but it sure beats any other job I’ve ever had!  

K: Love the name! Where did it come from?

J: I feel like so many of us put off chasing the things we dream about. We spend our lives waiting for the right moment, waiting until we’re ready, waiting until we have enough money…

For me, it got to a point where I thought, enough waiting! It’s time to make a move. There’s no time like right now, time is like a wild rambling rose. It’s beautiful, but nothing will hold it back. So if we don’t embrace the wild now and take a leap, praying that our wings catch us, will we ever?

K: There are lots of solo designers out there. What makes you stand out from the rest?

J: All my good and bad design job experiences have shaped my desire to infuse fun and flexibility into every part of the design process. I’m not about doing things in a boring way or sticking to just one way of doing things – I want you to feel 100% comfortable along the design process and at the end of it, come away with a design that inspires you and sets you on fire! And we’ll keep working until we get there!

K: Whats your personal style when it comes to designing?

J: I am always drawn to minimal design that is backed by strategy. I am a firm believer in the idea that design should not just follow what is trendy or look pretty – it needs to speak to your dream clients and tell them exactly what you do. I also love a good dose of pink, and some illustrative, fun elements that make your brand totally unique.

K: Best tip for people starting a business right now in the current climate?

J: Just start. You can make up 100 reasons not to start, and the current climate can easily be used as another reason. The fact is, there are always going to be challenges and reasons not to start. If you have an idea that you have been dreaming of doing, and you feel like you can have what it takes to stand out and persevere – go for it! And if it doesn’t work – get back up and try again!

K: Whats the biggest challenge you have faced in business?

J: I have always struggled with having clear and concise processes that help me feel in control. I feel like it’s taken me ages to get my mind around the way my business should work, and the idea that I am the CEO! I can make changes and take control. A huge thank you to Emma Lemke for coaching me through making some changes that have really helped clear things up for me. She is actually launching a course in June, called  The School of Beautiful Business, which covers the idea of having a beautiful life while running a business. I highly recommend it!

K: Random fact about you?

J: I started my business while living in a van! It was a super fun time and I kind of miss it! But now I live in my grandpa’s house on my childhood bush property (45 min from the nearest town) and that’s fun too.

K: You would have some cool favourite places to go in Newcastle with a van then?

J: King Edward Park has a special place in my heart because that was our backyard while we did vanlife. And the bogey hole!

K: Whats your favourite book?

J: The Book Thief. I have a personal connection to WWII with my family coming from Poland, and this book is just written so beautifully. 

Want to get to know Jasmine a bit more or see what she can do for your business? Or even to chat about all things van life! Check out her website, along with some great free resources to help you get really clear on your brand. You can also see her fun new brand gifs and stickers for Instagram stories! Instagram/Thewildnow

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